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I am available to provide training on a variety of topics in clinical, community, and academic settings. We can work together to craft the right presentation for your team. Reach out to me at or (510) 394-4697 to discuss your organization's need.

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All trainings include engaging lecture, discussions to deepen participant understanding, and experiential exercises to try out new skills.

  • Clinical Issues in Consensual Nonmonogamy, BDSM, and Kink (3 hours): Working with clients with unconventional intimate practices. Includes definitions, assessment, case conceptualization, common clinical issues, and interventions. This training can be lengthened to include a panel of speakers.

  • Co-Occurring Disorders (3 hours): Working with clients experiencing both substance use and mental health challenges. Includes diagnosis information for substance use disorders, assessment, and interventions.

  • Clinical Risk Assessment (3 hours): Assessing and intervening with clients who may be a danger to themselves or others. Includes risk factors for suicide and homicide and safety/self care planning.

  • Crisis De-Escalation Basics (3 hours): Preventing and managing blowups in clinical or community settings. Includes channels of communication, risks and precursors for violence, and de-escalating interventions to support staff in managing their own responses to big client behaviors.

  • Treatment Planning (3 hours): How to co-create therapeutic goals with clients based on the client's stage of change. Includes stages of treatment and MediCal requirements for writing treatment plans. Can include specific group discussions of different therapeutic orientations, which is particularly useful to MFT candidates studying for the clinical exam.

  • Motivational Interviewing Basics (3-6 hours): A primer on MI, usually split into two sections. The first covers spirit and style of MI, establishing rapport, and OARS (open ended questions, affirmations, reflections, summaries: the four basic MI skills) with many role plays to try out a variety of skills. The second section is usually for more experienced practitioners who have taken an MI class before who want to delve more into change talk and agenda-setting with clients, as well as discussing resistance and how to roll with it in the room.

In addition to my offerings above, I am a founding member of CASE: California Alternative Sexuality Education, a bureau of talented speakers who present on additional alternative sexuality topics for community audiences.


MacKenzie is passionate about presenting and sharing information and has twenty years of teaching experience. She began her career in public speaking as an adolescent, creating school-based peer education programs around LGB issues for middle and high schoolers in her community. She continued to speak on panels covering topics including queerness and spirituality during her college career. At Crisis Support Services, MacKenzie not only led training sessions for volunteers and interns on agency programs at Crisis Support Services, but also spoke in the community about teenage depression and suicide. She has been a professor at the Wright Institute since 2017.

Educators and therapists with lived experience support your organization with trainings on polyamory, BDSM, and other alternative sexuality topics
Experienced trainers cover topics ranging from consensual nonmonogamy to clinical documentation


MacKenzie consistently gets wonderful feedback from attendees of her workshops and classes:

  • "You're practical and heartfelt" -Graduate student

  • "MacKenzie is a very enthusiastic and personable teacher. She made the topic engaging. I would take another class from her." -CSS Volunteer

  • "MacKenzie's tone and manner were awesome and great. I really understand more about how clients are holding employment stress." -CSS Volunteer

  • "I enjoyed the instructor. [MacKenzie] was warm and personable, yet confident in her work." -Displaced Worker

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