Professional Services


I send out an occasional newsletter to keep in touch with friends and colleagues from the mental health community. I talk about what's going on in my practice, contemplate various clinical issues, and share highlights from my House of Opinions and catalog of metaphors. Feel free to subscribe!


I am available to provide consultation on a variety of topics related to psychotherapeutic practice in clinical and community settings, including:

  • Consensual nonmonogamy, especially polyamory

  • BDSM and kink

  • The use of self-disclosure in psychotherapy

  • Serving communities you yourself are a part of

  • Chronic depression and suicidality

  • Psychosis

  • Writing good MediCal documentation

  • Handling burnout and compassion fatigue while working in community mental health settings

Depending on your needs, we might chat on the phone for half an hour about how best to explore your client's relationship orientation, meet monthly to go through your treatment plans, or spend an afternoon at your office creating a workflow to get your process notes turned into progress notes in a timely manner.

I work with mental health professionals, especially other LMFTs, as well as trainees, associates, and peer counselors looking to expand their knowledge and expertise. Reach out to me at or (510) 394-4697 to discuss your needs and questions.

Short-Term Supervision

I am available to provide short-term supervision for AMFTs seeking hours toward licensure. This is perfect if you've found a brief clinical placement like a family camp and only need supervision for a handful of weeks.


MacKenzie has been providing clinical supervision since 2016. She has worked with multidisciplinary clinical teams at Horizon Services and one-on-one with interns at Crisis Support Services. Her psychotherapeutic practice centers around communities she herself is a part of, and she has developed extensive experience with the use of self-disclosure. MacKenzie's private practice is under a mile from her Alameda home, giving her plenty of opportunities to become skilled at navigating running into clients outside of the office. She has served as a quality assurance auditor during chart reviews at both Bay Area Community Services and Horizon Services, and has four years of experience providing feedback to clinicians on their MediCal documentation.